Why Do People Smoke Cannabis

Globally, marijuana is essentially the most generally used avenue drug. A 2007 survey discovered that 14.4 million folks within the America alone had smoked hashish at the very least as soon as within the final 30 days.

There are a selection of causes that individuals take medicine and we actually do not have all of the solutions. Nonetheless, there are some traditional psychological causes that individuals begin and proceed to smoke weed that we will discover.

Psychological causes

The psychological causes for taking medicine will be much like the explanations that individuals make purchases, go to sure web sites or select an impulsive or momentary plan of action at any specific time.

Whereas dopamine transmitters make up only one% of the mind they “are wired” in crucial elements.

Dopamine is often related to the “reward system”, offering emotions of enjoyment and reinforcement to encourage an individual to carry out sure actions.

Dopamine is launched and rewards experiences reminiscent of meals, intercourse, and medicines.

The operate of dopamine transmitters is not totally understood however it might clarify a wide range of “urges” in human conduct. We are going to naturally be drawn to any exercise that gives a reward. It might clarify why people will take medicine for an instantaneous reward when a long term damaging impact is totally understood.

Right here is an motion movement diagram which can clarify the method:

We’re conditioned to hunt out meals and are rewarded with nourishment in addition to a “dopamine reward” which is then realized so the method will be repeated. Medication can even give us a optimistic expertise (the “excessive”) and this coupled with a “dopamine reward” which is then “realized” and encourages recurring conduct.

This is able to clarify the round causation that many addicts expertise. They’re bored (starvation), take medicine (nourishment), are rewarded, study the affiliation, after which the subsequent time the optimistic associations are bolstered thus forming a behavior.

So, all of us have dopamine transmitters however solely a few of us take medicine. So what are the opposite causes?

To slot in / peer strain

One of many strongest psychological elements to clarify conduct is understood by a wide range of expressions reminiscent of “monkey see, monkey do”, “peer strain” and “social proof”. This may be described as a copying or mimicking of conduct we see round us.

For numerous causes we’re conditioned to do as others round us are doing. So, merely sufficient, if there are lots of people smoking weed round us, we’re prone to observe go well with.

This strain to slot in generally is a extra highly effective amongst youthful folks as everyone knows. Nonetheless, taking medicine simply to slot in shouldn’t be the entire image and will by no means be understood that approach. Nonetheless, it could be a contributory issue.

Copying of position mannequin / hero

Another excuse why folks smoke weed is allied to the earlier level of copying conduct. Individuals naturally attempt to copy the conduct of people which might be held in esteem by a peer group. So copying the drug taking habits of celebrities will be defined on this approach.


A number of the most vital position fashions for most individuals are their mother and father. Many youngsters “study” to drink alcohol from their mother and father after which when the consequences of this drug aren’t appreciated marijuana can appear a fascinating various.


Equally, relying on the person and the “stage” in adolescence or younger maturity, smoking grass can look like a approach of differentiating themselves from their mother and father.

Chill out

Life for everybody will be nerve-racking at time. Younger persons are notably vulnerable to sudden bouts of stress and smoking dope will be seen as a short lived launch from this stress

Experiment / take dangers

Younger folks, males particularly, will be vulnerable to taking higher dangers and to experiment greater than folks of different ages.


Many religions emphasise the significance of smoking Import Cannabis from Africa to search out oneself spiritually.


Marijuana is understood to be a ache reliever for numerous illnesses. For younger ladies it may be notably useful in combatting interval pains.

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