What Causes Early Childhood Dental Caries

Early childhood caries also called (Nursing bottle caries, Child bottle tooth decay, Nursing bottle syndrome or milk bottle syndrome)

Early childhood dental caries is a type of dental decay in infants, toddlers (A toddler is a baby between the ages of 1 and three) and preschool (A baby of three or 4 is taken into account a preschooler) kids. It could happen on account of uncommon dietary habits. It was acknowledged that infants who use a nursing bottle containing milk or juice as a pacifier or those that breastfed on demand at occasions apart from regular feeding and all through night typically develop early a number of dental caries lesions.

Whereas sleeping circulate of saliva is lower than ordinary and swallowing reflex is absent, so milk stays within the oral cavity and swimming pools across the tooth surfaces. Microorganisms which trigger dental caries make use of this surroundings and lead to tooth decay. All this course of happens very quick.

Causes of milk bottle syndrome;

1. Feeding past the weaning age, that’s past 12-15 months.

2. Feeding at evening, particularly if tooth aren’t cleaned after feeding.

3. Baby neglect in single father or mother family because the dad and mom are too busy with their duties.

4. Immuno-compromised kids are at greater danger on account of decreased salivary circulate.

5. Kids with sleep problems are additionally discovered to be affected by nursing bottle caries.

6. Some moms keep away from breast feeding; kids are left on the mercy of employed assist, who assume it’s their obligation to repeatedly drive a bottle into kid’s mouth.

7. When each the dad and mom are working, they go away the youngsters to be cared by younger siblings and resultant neglect results in tooth decay.

Mom’s milk is a blessing not a bane “milk just isn’t the offender, it’s the improper feeding behavior.”

How one can forestall ECC (Early Childhood Caries)??

1. It is necessary that the mom will get the right vitamin, stays in good well being and keep away from drugs that are both dangerous to her or the child’s tooth. Extremely vital results on  san jose obstructive sleep apnea dental caries of infants have additionally been associated to being pregnant issues resembling instrument supply or C-section.

2. Infants should not be put to sleep with a bottle.

3. Dad and mom ought to encourage infants to drink from cup as they strategy their first birthday.

4. Consumption of juices, use of pacifiers have to be prevented.

5. Oral hygiene needs to be applied by the point of eruption of first main tooth.

What’s the Therapy??

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